Planning Your Same Sex Wedding – Six Things to Consider for Your Big Day

Planning a wedding is fun. But it can also be, challenging and a bit stressful. Trying to figure out what’s appropriate and what’s not can sometimes be overwhelming. And when most wedding advice columns are geared toward a female bride and a male groom, they make little sense for same sex couples. Here are the […]

Planning a Second Wedding? Remember, it’s YOUR BIG DAY!

If you are planning your wedding and you’ve already been through one, in a “previous life, you know better that anyone that this wedding is your wedding. And today, unless you adhere to strict religious or social traditions, you can do just about anything you want. You can wear something borrowed, have your father give […]

After You say “I Do”: Living your wedding vows in Love

It’s coming upon that time of year again, our wedding anniversary, and that brings me such joy. I have been blessed with a husband who loves me in ways that truly matter, and  we love our marriage. To mark the occasion we will renew our wedding vows as we do every year. Is it just […]

6  Reasons to Have Your Wedding in Southwest Florida

Planning a Destination Wedding? Southwest Florida is the perfect location to have a wedding that is completely YOU. A Destination wedding is virtually stress-free and almost guaranteed to be simpler (and quicker!) to plan than a traditional wedding and reception; especially when you hire a local wedding planner to help you with all the details. […]


No matter where you and your partner are wed, your wedding will have the same meaning and give you the same new start to a beautiful beginning together. However, a destination wedding can add that little “extra touch” to the wedding of your dreams and help you create an event your guests will remember for […]

Six Reasons to Hire a Professional Wedding Planner

Have you been dreaming about that perfect wedding since even before the “big question” was popped? And since that day, do you feel even a little bit overwhelmed with all the details and responsibility it takes to plan your dream day yourself? A professional wedding planner can help make the day you’ll always remember a […]

How do we Keep the SPRING in our Marriage?

On March 20th, a new season of Spring began and will last until June21st. How does this season reflect in our marriages? What follows are my thoughts which I hope will continue to help you “put a spring” in your step as a married couple. “From this day forward you shall not look at one […]

Follow Your Heart in Selecting the Right Officiant for Your Wedding

When we began our wedding company some 17 years ago we were so excited to participate in the joy of officiating ceremonies. We love, and treasure our relationships with our spouses, our families, and friends.  We also came to the business from an unusual vantage point.   As counselors of couples and families for many years, […]

Happily Ever After…What’s Next?

Love, Wedding, Marriage. We had the big day now we have a big life ahead of us! What exactly changes after saying “I DO”? For one thing, I changed my name. That is a process… We even moved. I still catch myself calling Ryan “Fiancé” and I have to get used to calling him “Husband”. […]

Happily Ever After The Big Day!

Hello everyone! You may have followed my past Bridal Blogs from the registry to the Bridal panic attacks. Well this will be my last “Bridal Blog” as I am no longer a bride. It is weird to think about at first…but then I think about the fact that I am now a wife. My husband […]