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Happily Ever After The Big Day!


Hello everyone! You may have followed my past Bridal Blogs from the registry to the Bridal panic attacks. Well this will be my last “Bridal Blog” as I am no longer a bride. It is weird to think about at first…but then I think about the fact that I am now a wife. My husband and partner in life married me on July 16th. It feels like just yesterday!

Our day was truly magical! There was an overwhelming amount of love! We did get married in the Adirondacks at the Tupperlake Wild Center. We chose to get married here since the Adirondacks is where we met. Our ceremony was held at Chapel Island; our guests took a boat to get there.

Now having planned many weddings I knew to expect that not everything would be perfect. I was surprisingly calm. We did a first look at the spot where Ryan proposed. After that we took the last boat to the Chapel together. When we arrived we did not start right away. Everyone was there except one kind of really important person…the officiant. (Now as we were married in New York the officiants of A Beautiful Florida Wedding did not marry us. This never would have happened with A Beautiful Florida Wedding.) So what do you do when you are on an island ready to get married but the ceremony cannot happen unless the Reverend shows up? You take a deep breath because today you marry your best friend one way or another. A few minutes later a fishing boat pulls up with our officiant and we breathed a sigh of relief. I will not lie. I have no idea what we would have done but, hey, at least it makes a great story now!

Photography: Camera Famosa
Photography: Camera Famosa

Our reception was a blast! There were many emotions! I finally had my Father Daughter Dance. I still get choked up thinking about it. I may have waited my whole life for my wedding but I also waited my whole life to have that moment with my dad. It was really special. We also surprised our parents. After our first dance we had the DJ play both of our parent’s wedding songs and gave them their moment on the dance floor. As much as we put in to the wedding planning our parents also put in so much. We wanted to thank them by giving them a special moment as well. We had a fantastic DJ who made sure everyone had fun and stayed on the dance floor.

Photography: Camera Famosa

We made sure to stop by to see all of our guests to thank them for coming. Some traveled many miles to be there. Finally someone came up to us and told us we needed to eat . Big tip for future couples…make sure you eat something even if you snack along the way! It is a crazy day and can be overwhelming. It is easier than you might think to forget. Another tip- take a moment to take it all in. After we took photos we sat down just the two of us away from everyone to take everything in. We would have plenty of time to celebrate with our family but in that moment it was just us on our day, Mr & Mrs.

The day went by so fast. I mean so many people told me it would but really all of a sudden the DJ was playing the last song! (He played “Wishes”. For those who have been to Magic Kingdom, “Wishes” is the song the park ends with every night. Our DJ knew how much I loved Disney so he surprised us with this.) Our day was truly everything I could have hoped it to be. I wish I could relive that day over and over. I would not change a thing! Now I sit here a Mrs., a wife and I look back at our day and smile. So what happens next? Whatever will I do with the hours I spent every night planning and talking to vendors and planners??? Maybe take up a new hobby?? LOL! I hope you have enjoyed following my journey as a bride. The team at A Beautiful Florida Wedding gets to follow journeys of couples everyday. We love being there for our couples.

Thank you for reading!

Assistant Onsite Wedding Coordinator, A Beautiful Florida Wedding
“A Beautiful Life Begins with A Beautiful Florida Wedding”


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