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Happily Ever After…What’s Next?


Love, Wedding, Marriage. We had the big day now we have a big life ahead of us! What exactly changes after saying “I DO”? For one thing, I changed my name. That is a process… We even moved. I still catch myself calling Ryan “Fiancé” and I have to get used to calling him “Husband”. There have not been too many changes but some things have taken getting used to.

One major conversation we had to have was about finances. Do we merge all of our accounts together? We do have a few shared accounts. It was not an easy conversation to have. Maybe it is just me but thinking about sharing everything and being able to see all of each other’s purchases and information just is not easy. We did have to do it though. Marriage is a partnership. There will be moments that you will have to work through things but now you work through things together. It is kind of nice to not ask, “Are you getting this or am I?” every time we buy groceries or go out. I am sure there will be many more challenges to work through but I could not be happier to have Ryan by my side to work through them together.

Our decisions we make now have to focus on each other. Everything we do together. A wedding is just a day but marriage is forever. We said our vows and now it is time to live them out. I am very blessed to have Ryan by my side. We have our moments and there are ups and downs but together we can accomplish anything and our adventure is only just beginning!

Assistant Onsite Wedding Coordinator, A Beautiful Florida Wedding
“A Beautiful Life Begins with A Beautiful Florida Wedding”


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