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Second Weddings

For many years we have helped couples who are entering their second, sometimes their third, marriage.

We celebrate the lessons they have learned and the joy they are about to experience.

While we uphold the sacredness of marriage, we believe that at the heart of every person is the desire to love, and in that spirit we welcome couples who are entering a new marriage.

Whether the celebration is for just the two of you, or for your blended families, some including children, or for a huge number of guests, (all who are there to witness and bless your pledge of love) we welcome you to make us your wedding planning, onsite, and officiating team.

Traveling to Southwest Florida to celebrate your wedding is ideal because there are so many beautiful beachfronts and magnificent hotels ready to help you make lasting memories together.

Ask our planners how you can personalize your wedding so that at the end of the day, you look at one another and smile, knowing… I have found the one my heart loves.