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LGTB Weddings

LGTB Weddings

From the time we established Holistic Counseling Centers many years ago, we have held the belief that marriage is a partnership between two people who love and respect each other. We are delighted to have this belief now become the law of the land and welcome inquiries about our planning and officiating services to support marriages between equals.

Have you ever met someone and felt an automatic connection? Meet Cynthia and Catherine. Their level of professionalism shines through their excitement for your wedding day. 
We could not have had any better people to work with. As a destination wedding, we trusted they would help us pull it all together. 

As a lesbian couple, we hoped we would find someone who understands our love. We found the perfect people!
They were prompt at returning our calls, answering our questions and helping us “learn” what it takes to pull a wedding together!
No amount of wedding websites can give me the ease and understanding as to what they did for us.
For that, we are forever grateful.

I highly recommend A Beautiful Florida Wedding!