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Follow Your Heart in Selecting the Right Officiant for Your Wedding


When we began our wedding company some 17 years ago we were so excited to participate in the joy of officiating ceremonies. We love, and treasure our relationships with our spouses, our families, and friends.  We also came to the business from an unusual vantage point.   As counselors of couples and families for many years, we saw first-hand the challenges of daily life and reveled when, in many cases, love found a way.

We appreciate the gift of marriage and want to be certain yours starts off with just the right officiant to insure you not only have a beautiful Florida Wedding, but also a beautiful life.

What follows are some of the questions we receive on a regular basis. May our reflections make your decisions about selecting your officiant easier for you.  #abeautifullove

What qualities should I look for when searching for an officiant for my wedding or vow renewal?

When speaking with your officiant choices, it is important to ask yourself, “am I feeling heard by this person?  ”Do I feel a sense of connection to him or her?”


What is the difference between performing a ceremony and simply officiating one?

The beauty of a ceremony is the expression of love people feel in the presence of one another. It is one thing to hire an officiant who can “repeat the words and say the vows” that are indicative of most ceremonies. It is quite another thing to be able to express the love you feel back to yourselves and out to the hearts and minds of your guests. It is the officiant who can communicate the essence of your love that can turn an OK ceremony into one that you and your guests will remember and treasure.

How do I know which officiant is for me?

At A Beautiful Florida Wedding we have created a form that asks many questions of you.  Your responses to these questions help us determine who would be a perfect first choice of officiants for you. Once you speak to that person and apply the suggestions in our first question, you would confirm that choice or ask us for a second choice.

What if I want to be involved in planning my wedding ceremony?

Your ceremony is an expression of your story. We encourage you in our first meeting by phone or in person, to tell us the story of how you met and what has kept you together.  When we create the flow of your ceremony we encourage you to guide us. This is YOUR ceremony and we want YOUR signature to be on it.

What if my fiancée and I have questions about our relationship, or issues like the blending of our families into the ceremony?

Throughout the years prior to becoming officiants, Cynthia & Catherine owned counseling centers and, as therapists, often helped families interact and communicate. As a company of officiants and planners, we see many issues being expressed between families, and parents and children – even between wedding party members. The good news is that we are skilled and experienced at helping our couples and their families and friends experience the love and support they need to both work through issues and enjoy the wedding together.

As a bonus, we at A Beautiful Florida Wedding, are “your officiants for life”, which means you can feel assured, no matter which of our officiants you choose, that our relationship to you does not end after the ceremony. We welcome you to stay in touch, and if you are a subscriber to our couples’ newsletter, you too will benefit from the collective wisdom expressed there for our couples.

What if we cannot get to our destination wedding in time to procure a license?

We are always mindful of this concern-especially since so many of our couples are destination brides and grooms. As a benefit to our couples we help you identify which office is closest to your lodging, and if time does not allow you to get into town early, we help our clients get a license by mail.

Who do I contact for more information about hiring an officiant from A Beautiful Florida Wedding?

Email us at either  or or text us at 239.269.2854 which is Catherine’s phone number.  Catherine oversees officiating requests and will help you get just what you want. And if you want additional help planning your event, simply tell her that and she will connect you with one of our planners.


Cynthia, Officiant & Co-Owner, A Beautiful Florida Wedding


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