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Sometimes You Just Need to Feel Like A Bride


Not to be a Bridezilla but, as a bride you want to feel special. You want dedicated vendors who will make you feel like you are their only client. This is particularly important when planning a destination wedding. Now I am not saying that if I phone a vendor at 3am in a panic, that I expect them to answer. (Although I would not be surprised if Cynthia, Melissa or Catherine would answer whenever a bride or groom called — no matter what the time is). That said, if I email a vendor I would appreciate (want) an answer within a week.

As you may know I am a bride-to-be (Hellllooo Pinterest – I’m learning the hard way not to DIY) and I’m planning my own Destination Wedding. As we already live in the Paradise that is Naples, Florida, we have decided to get married in the Adirondacks where we fell in love. It has been a whirlwind. We chose not to hire a planner; for work I plan many weddings. Still, it has been challenging.

I am working with a vendor who I have been in contact with since last year. The vendor was OK with responding at first and seemed very helpful. And, I do have to say that they did contact me after months of no communication (on my part) to follow up.  And I do have to be honest; I had been in contact with another vendor until that vendor fell through… so it was perfect timing that my current vendor called. However, now it’s getting down to the wire and I am concerned that we still have no contract.

So when I sent an email two weeks ago and had not heard back I thought I’d better email again. Maybe they had not received my email, so I followed up. I heard back a day after my follow up. My questions were answered and I was finally relieved. Thinking about it though, I was not OK waiting! I am anxious to finalize everything and I am stressed that this vendor was not booked yet (even though I have been planning and booking vendors for more than a year).

Now this brings me to the best advice I can offer – Hire a Wedding Planner!

Had I had a planner, this would never have happened. Our planners at A Beautiful Florida Wedding know all our vendors and they know who will fit each bride’s personality and needs. Our vendors have worked many weddings with us; we know how they work and they know how we work.

Because I’m making my vendor decisions based on their websites and Wedding Wire Reviews, I never really know what to expect. If I had a planner they would have made sure all of my vendors were on track and settled.

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