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Officiating for me is a sacred act of service. And these almost twenty years has afforded our company, A Beautiful Florida Wedding, the privilege of officiating thousands of wedding and vow renewal ceremonies.

As an officiant, we witness and bless the gift of Divine Love between two people and offer that blessing from the couple to their guests.

When I personally begin a ceremony, I invite everyone present to be witnesses to any “welling up” in their hearts, as I share that “this is the love that our couple shares and presents as a gift, not only to one another but to each of you.”

Wedding guests may comment on how our ceremonies touch them, and we are grateful for that. My personal hope is that true love will touch them as we call upon Divine Love to bless everyone present.

I often respond to their affirmations by saying, “remember, you were feeling their (meaning the couple’s) love.” There’s no way I can take any more credit than that.

We were interviewed in the Naples Daily News, in 2015, just before the Same Sex Marriage Law was passed in Florida. As we said then and we still say today, we as a company believe that love does not discriminate on gender, and we believe that it is a blessing to serve all couples whose love has brought them to the desire to be blessed through marriage.

Here is one such wedding, shown in the pictures below:

The Vows - the promise the couple makes to one another. Our brides express in words what is in their hearts during the wedding ceremony. #loveislove
The Sand Ceremony Creates a Work of Art to Join the Happy Couple! #loveislove
These beautiful rings; used in the exchanging of rings as the brides exchange their vows. #loveislove
The Exchange of Wedding Rings represents the promise the brides have exchanged with one another; it’s the symbol that tells the world each ‘belong’s” to the other. #loveislove

Planning a Beach Wedding? A Destination Wedding? We are dedicated professionals with more than 15 years of helping couples like you create the wedding of your dreams. We make it easy to plan, officiate and coordinate your destination wedding and we excel at providing a step-by-step proprietary system that includes you as much or as little as you choose. We respect your privacy, honor your financial considerations, and are sensitive to your particular family needs.

For more information on how we can help you create your Beautiful Florida Wedding, please contact us.

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