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Eloping?  Consider a Beautiful Destination Wedding


Once upon a time, when couples thought of eloping, it historically meant “to run away secretly with the intention of getting married usually without parental consent.” But it has also meant—and still means—”to escape.” However, today the trend to elope often means to “get married away from home – to create a smaller, more intimate, destination wedding.”

There are advantages and disadvantages of eloping.

Some of the Advantages include:

  • A smaller, more intimate event where you and your partner can truly enjoy every guest.
  • You can combine your wedding and honeymoon in one.
  • Most decisions will be easier to make because you only have to consider two people in most choices, that of you and your partner.
  • You may save money in the long run.  
  • There is less stress involved in ‘eloping’ especially when you hire a destination wedding planner.
  • You don’t have to worry about which guests should and should not sit together.

Some of the Disadvantages include:

  • Not everyone can or will attend – and there may be hurt feelings on the part of those unable to be there because they were not included in the planning or the celebration
  • You may have to plan another reception at home so that those who could not attend can join in the celebration.
  • Some of the people you want to have there, may not be able to attend.

If you have chosen to elope, effective communication and honesty is important. As soon as have made the decision to elope, let those you love know.  Be sure to mention the benefits of eloping, such as a special vacation, the cost savings and more. Especially if your parents or other family members are paying for, or helping with the wedding expenses.

If you have a mother who loves to plan, be sure to keep her involved by asking her advice on some of your decisions including your wedding attire.

If you plan to invite guests, be sure to send out invitations early to give people enough time to plan and budget to attend.

After the wedding, send out wedding announcements letting the family and friends know, especially those you did not tell ahead of time.

If eloping is part of your plans, consider a beautiful Florida destination wedding.  Our team would be honored to help you plan the perfect wedding of your dreams!

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