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Bridal Moment…Wedding Planners are Super Heroes!


I am writing this after having a bridal panic attack. I am sure that many can relate. I will explain what happened and do know it was bad, but it ends better, thanks to my Super Hero Planner. Just so you know Wedding planners are secretly (or not so secretly) SUPERHEROES. I must say how relieved I am to have my planner. Truly, she has no idea how grateful I am. I have been planning my wedding for over a year. I thought I had everything together. When I booked the venue over a year ago I was told not to worry about the officiant. I could call a few months prior to the date and they would get me someone.

I am getting married in a chapel on an island. They have services every weekend. I assumed (mistake #1) that whoever the person was performing the services would be the person who married us…wrong! I contacted the person at the Chapel and she gave me ONE name. I called and they are booked… (this is where I started to panic). I called back the person at the chapel and she gave me ONE MORE name. I asked for a backup just in case and she did not have one. (I started to hyperventilate). She did ask if I knew anyone who would be wiling to officiate my wedding… I do. However I do not know how it works in the Chapel. I know it is interdenominational however I do not know all of the rules. Now I am in full panic mode and my fiancé handed me a paper bag.

I call my planner after a few deep breaths. I told her calmly what happened. She was shocked but had options. She immediately gave me a few officiants to contact. (I start to calm and I can breathe again. My heart is not squeezing.) She assured me that she will help me and if the contacts she gave me fall through she has many more and will work on getting me a list.

On top of that she just started to talk to me and ask how everything else was going. She wanted to make sure I was happy with ALL aspects of the wedding and if not how could she help. As it turns out, we are having issues getting transportation. My planner says, “No worries, I will make some calls”, worst case she still has a plan. She even knows people who can just transport guests from ceremony to reception which will help since there is limited parking at the ceremony. I could not thank her enough. She went above and beyond the call of duty and made sure I was ok and gave me a few more contacts for some other items I needed to attend to. We are now under the two month mark… All I can say is OMG!

This is what planners do! They know the routine and what needs to get done. Planners know the vendors. I am sure, had I gone to the planner first and had she been involved in planning the venue and ceremony site that this fiasco would not have occurred. As I planner myself I thought I could on the stress and handle everything myself but I was wrong. I needed someone there for me when I forgot. Especially with my wedding being a destination wedding, my planner is my go-to eyes on the ground. She is already in the area and if she needs to make a visit to the venue for me, she will. Your planner is kind of like your best friend in that you call her with happy news and when there is not so happy news. The planner is there for you and will help you. I am able to now take my brown paper bag and put tomorrow’s lunch in it instead of breathing into it.

Thank you for reading!

Assistant Onsite Wedding Coordinator, A Beautiful Florida Wedding
“A Beautiful Life Begins with A Beautiful Florida Wedding”


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