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A Wedding Season of Fine Wines


Wedding Season is upon us and I am sure your calendars are booked with upcoming weddings, whether it be a relative or friend tying the knot. You may be on a budget or maybe trying to think of something fun and creative. I want to share my favorite wedding present idea. I have seen this on Pinterest and I love all the different ways it can go. I have given this gift many times and it has never once been the same.

I am a sentimental girl who loves making gifts. When my cousin (and role model) was getting married two years ago (her anniversary is in just a few days in fact) I wanted to make something special. I know it is easy to get something on the registry but this had to be different. I found some labels on Pinterest for wine bottles and that is where my plot was hatched. There were different labels for different moments in a bride and groom’s life. From the First Day as Mr. and Mrs. to First Baby even maybe to an anniversary. The possibilities are endless. It is very easy to find poems or you can even come up with your own. I tweaked a few because I wanted my wines to match the event so I planned accordingly and added my own spin.

Thankfully my neighbor makes fabulous greeting cards and has an entire room dedicated to her craft. I had, at hand, spools of lace and ribbon, multiple Cricut cutters (I’m obsessed), papers to match any possible combination and much more. I created labels that I was very proud of and in the end I spent less than $50.

I think my favorite part of this gift is the that so much thought went in to making it. It was fun to find wines that went along with the theme. The center of the wedding day truly is the couple and their love for each other. The wedding day is about love. I recently had my shower and was overwhelmed by the number of gifts. As much as I loved the presents from the registry my favorite was a crocheted blanket from my fiancé’s grandma that is over 50 years old! Gifts like that you cannot buy. I love making my loved ones gifts and even though the wine was not homemade the labels made them special.

You can view the photos below of the tags. I chose First Date as Mr. & Mrs., (wine-The Path) First Dinner Party (wine-Red Velvet), First Anniversary (wine-Entwine) and First Fight (wine- Clean Slate).

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